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Talento Aviation Construction has more than 26 years of experience in the construction field and more than 10 of those years were devoted to the commercial sector.

The second generation, which is leading the company today, is passionate about design, art and integrated technology.

After several projects involving architects and designers, we can guarantee quality and speed for all types of projects.


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Luxury Residential Interiors

At Talento Interior, we understand that you need your house to be your own reflection. It should be able to tell the story of who you are and made of everything that you love. Residential interior design plays an indisputable role in ensuring that you have just the right mix of luxury and comfort at your home.

No matter where you go or whether you stay in some of the best hotels around the world very often, no place can make you feel as relaxed as your own house. This is why Talento Interior has the best residential interior designers in Kolkata, who can transform your house into a welcoming and cheerful abode.


Commercial Interiors

When designing corporate office interiors, the key is to strike a balance between styling and optimum space utilization. Right from the entry through the reception to the work floor and conference rooms to office furniture design and lighting, every aspect of the corporate office should reflect the vision of the company. That’s exactly why we have the best commercial interior designers in Kolkata in our team.

At Talento Interior, the expert designers base your corporate Office design on a thorough analysis of what you want and what your clients, employees and business associates are looking to experience when they enter your office. Our number one priority while undertaking a commercial interior design project is to understand what the company truly stands for and represent the same in the best conceivable way.

We believe that the best office interior design is the one that not just catches the clients’ attention but also creates an efficient workplace for the employees and enhances their morale. In keeping with this, our office interior designers in Kolkata have closely worked with a number of multi-faceted companies in the city and elsewhere over the years and curated some of the most remarkable corporate spaces.